Spa Hotel 泉浴酒店

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Spa Hotel 泉浴酒店

Key: Leisure              

Location: Chongqing, China             

Client: Loncin Estate             

Date: 2008             

Area: 12,000 m2


The site is located at Fairy Mountain, Wulong, with some 2 hours journey by car from Chongqing main city. It enjoys three sides’ spectacular views of surrounding mountains. The hotel has 52 rooms. Its design adopts traditional Chinese courtyard’s spatial connotation and local habitation’s features creating humble but elegant aura. The layout follows the contours with a strong symmetrical axis, and ensures all guest rooms and public functions facing views. From the entrance, through water court, to rear garden, the path gradually melts within the nature. There are two types of guest rooms with luxurious setting. Other facilities include restaurants, meeting rooms, entertain rooms, bars, indoor swimming pool, shop, spa etc. ? Hansong Li @ PCKO






面积:12,000 m2


基地位于离重庆主城区2小时车程的武隆仙女山。它三面临崖,壮美山景环绕。 酒店拥有52间客房。其设计源于传统中国院落的空间意象及当地渝东民居风格,演绎低调但又优雅的氛围。平面布局沿等高线展开,突出中轴对称,同时确保所有客房及公共功能空间都能面朝山景。从入口广场,穿过中央水院,再到后花园,使人随着路径逐渐融入自然。客房有两种形式,都充满豪华之高雅风情。其他设施包括:中西餐厅、会议、娱乐、酒吧、室内泳池、商店、SPA等。




LAA stands for Li Associates Architects, headed by British architect Hansong Li RIBA. Our team is design oriented  with rich working experience of oversea as well as domestic markets. The firm enjoys broad international background, having license to practice in European Union and Common Wealth. Meanwhile, we have profound resource and design knowledge in China. Our design is not bounded by ranges, types, scales, contents and styles. After years’ practice, we established design-orientated principle by localising advanced international concepts and technologies. We  expertise in sustainability, timber structure, prefab building and  elderly care which are weak in Chinese market. We also work with a few world-renowned masters. We pursue forward thinking, well finished works, aiming to provide high-end clients with added value service, lift space and life quality, and promote growing needs for cultural connotations within the society at large.


Li Associates Architects also represent PCKO Architects, a highly reputable British firm, to work in China as its Shanghai branch.





Hansong Li


Founding Partner

BArch(Tsinghua Univ.)

MArch(The Bartlett, UCL)

MA(Westminster Univ.)











Hansong Li entered School of Architecture, Tsinghua University with exemption of exams in 1989. After graduation with BArch degree in 1994, he took architectural design work in Shanghai. He went to Britain for postgraduate study at the Bartlett, UCL in 1997, being the first student from mainland China to Sir Peter Cook, renowned architect and educator, and was awarded MArch degree. He then studied at Westminster University and gained another master degree in architecture. He worked for PCKO Architects from 1999, and became an associate. He was elected as charted member of RIBA in 2002. During the time with PCKO, as a key designer, he led and participated numbers of projects in the UK and won many awards including 2008 LEAF Award. Some of the projects were shown on major media as Sunday Thames and BBC. He brought PCKO to China in 2008, and established PCKO Architects (Shanghai) in 2011, working as the executive director.  He founded Li Associates Architects in 2015.


Apart from design work, Hansong also is active in architectural culture, publishing, education and exchange between the East and the West. He was invited to translate , the ground breaking book of architectural theory by famous structural master, Cecil Balmond, into Chinese and write a preface. He was appointed assistant professor by Department of Architecture, Pukyong University, Korea, 1n 2009, and also was invited by Architectural School of South-East University, China,  to be an external examiner for the design studio in 2013. He co-founded WE Design, a NGO connecting Chinese designers in the UK by holding forums and exhibitions. It organised an international design competition and exhibitions in London for 2008 Wenchuan earth quake’s relief, which was reported by both major British and Chinese media.


1989年保送进入清华大学建筑学院,1994年毕业获建筑学学士。毕业后在上海从事建筑设计工作。1997年赴英国伦敦大学巴特列特建筑学院深造,成为建筑大师、教育家彼得?库克爵士的第一位来自中国大陆的学生,并获得建筑学硕士。之后又在伦敦西敏士大学建筑系获得第二个硕士学位。1999年进入英国PCKO建筑师事务所工作,从助理建筑师晋升至合伙建筑师。2002年获得英国皇家特许建筑师资格(RIBA)。在PCKO期间,以主创设计师的身份,主持或参与了一系列在英国的项目,并获奖频频,包括2008年度欧洲建筑高峰论坛奖。其中有些项目还在诸如泰晤士报及BBC等知名媒体上登载和报道。从2008年开始,带领PCKO进入中国市场,并于2011年成立碧柯建筑(上海)暨英国PCKO 建筑师事务所上海公司,任总经理。2015成立LAA建筑设计事务所。